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A world-class team led by entrepreneurs and engineers from iconic tech companies

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Bringing NFTs and DeFi to the masses

Origin was founded in 2017 by successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and has a team of experienced engineers from iconic tech companies like YouTube, Google, PayPal, and DropBox. Today, Origin is a global community with hundreds of open-source contributors and thousands of token holders. We work in public and you can always find at least one of us awake in our Discord.

Équipe de base

Josh Fraser headshot
Josh a commencé à coder à l'âge de 10 ans. Avant Origin, il a cofondé trois autres sociétés financées par des coentreprises: EventVue, Torbit (acquis par Walmart Labs) & Forage.
Matthew Liu headshot
Matt was the 3rd PM at YouTube (acquired by Google) and VP PM at Qwiki (acquired by Yahoo) and Bonobos (acquired by Walmart). He has a MS and BS from Stanford.
Yu Pan headshot
Founding Engineer
Yu Pan était l'un des 6 membres fondateurs de PayPal et le premier employé de YouTube. Il est un ancien employé de Google et co-fondateur de Kiwi Crate.
Franck Chastagnol headshot
VP of Engineering
Franck a eu une carrière réussie en tant que début employé dans de nombreuses entreprises de haut niveau. Auparavant, il a dirigé équipes d'ingénierie chez Inktomi, Paypal, YouTube, Google et Dropbox.
Micah Alcorn headshot
Director of Product
Micah était le co-fondateur technique de WellAttended, une plateforme de gestion de box-office bootstrapée. Il a travaillé comme courtier en immobilier commercial tout en apprenant à code.
Nick Poulden headshot
Ingénieur senior
Nick a étudié l'informatique à l'Université de Warwick. Avant de rejoindre Origin, il a travaillé comme ingénieur chez Sencha, C3 Energy Network et Palo Alto Networks.
Domen Grabec headshot
Domen a cofondé et dirigé une équipe développant une application mobile avec 2 grands maîtres d'échecs. Il avait auparavant carrière réussie chez Cetra, Zemanta et Peerindex.
Shahul Hameed headshot
Shahul est un ingénieur fullstack qui a commencé programmation à l'âge de 10 ans. Il a précédemment travaillé en tant que pigiste , puis a rejoint Zoho en tant que développeur front-end.
Mike Shultz headshot
Mike est un contributeur de longue date à l'open source. Il créé une boîte à outils de dev pour créer des contrats intelligents Ethereum avec Python et déjà travaillé avec Ethereum et IPFS à Lunyr.
Aure Gimon headshot
Product Designer
Aure est un concepteur de produits avec plus de 10 ans de expérience. Avant de rejoindre Origin, Aure a travaillé dans plusieurs startups et sociétés Fortune 500. Dans une vie antérieure, il était également un ingénieur logiciel.
Daniel Von Fange headshot
Ingénieur senior
Daniel brings a strong emphasis on security and data analysis to our team. Daniel has earned a reputation for being able to gather massive amounts of data and create dynamic visualizations at lightning speed.
Chase Colman headshot
Project Manager
Chase comes from creative and marketing agency life in Los Angeles. She’s managed projects and accounts for clients like YouTube, W Hotels, and Stitch Fix. She's now in charge of creator relationship management at Origin.
Eric Charles headshot
Account Manager
Eric was an early employee at Lyft and a founding member of their first B2B solution. He was an account manager at Tophatter and worked at a marketing agency connecting brands with creators and celebrities.
Jon Youshaei headshot
Creator in Residence
Jon has spent his career helping creators. Before joining Origin, Jon was responsible for creator monetization marketing at YouTube and product marketing at Instagram. He's also a frequent contributor for Forbes.
Kara Chang headshot
Executive Assistant
Kara is the executive assistant to Origin co-founders, Josh and Matt. She graduated from UC San Diego and previously managed a team of 10 people at an ecommerce company in Taiwan.
Ed Spencer headshot
Ingénieur senior
Ed previously worked at Sencha, C3 Energy Network, and Palo Alto Networks as a UI and software architect. He studied at the University of Warwick where he met his lifelong friend and now colleague, Nick Poulden.
Aaron Faulkner headshot
Head of Community
Aaron has spent his career building and managing communities. He served as a long-term member of our community team before joining fulltime to help us with social media, content, and marketing at Origin.
Christopher Jacobs headshot
Ingénieur senior
Chris previously worked at OCZ, Toshiba, Storcentric and Palo Alo Networks as a Full Stack / UI Engineer. He is a creative developer who has over 15 years experience architecting software solutions.
Kelly Hwang headshot
Kelly was previously a successful startup founder and venture investor at Upfront Ventures before spending the last few years investing in DeFi. He has a BA in Economics from Stanford.
Linus Chung headshot
VP of Product
Linus previously worked as Director of Product at Coinbase. Before that, he lead product at companies like Tesla, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford.
Andra Nicolau headshot
Head of BD, OUSD
Andra is a longtime crypto veteran. She was most recently the Head of Growth at 1inch where she raised over $250M. She has spent over 8 years in Silicon Valley and studied Economics at UC Berkeley.
Justin Charlton headshot
Head of Finance
Justin started investing in middle school, designed budgets for launching satellites into space (successfully!), and advised tech clients on M&A and strategy for 7 years at PwC and KPMG.
Tom Hirst headshot
Ingénieur senior
Tom helped ship digital projects for the NHS, Umbro, BMW and Meta before entering web3. He has launched multiple successful solo endeavours, including most recently, an NFT project with fully on-chain artwork.
Youngsun Shin headshot
Product Manager
Youngsun previously worked as a product manager at Coupang. Before that, he did product and operations at Uber. He enjoys engaging on Clubhouse and building NFT communities on the ground in Korea.
Peter Gray headshot
BD Manager, OUSD
Peter studied business at Tulane University and worked on the sales teams at Palo Alto Networks, VMware, and Alkemi Network before joining Origin as the OUSD BD Manager. He is a musician, hockey player, and avid skier.
Nick Hong headshot
Ingénieur senior
Before Origin, Nick was on product teams at Medium, Eaze, and Instacart, and more recently jumped into Web3 with Driftershoots on his FirstDayOut Open Edition. Outside of work, Nick enjoys kickboxing, meditation, and trying out new cooking with his air fryer.
Matt Bullock headshot
Product Designer
Matt is a product designer specialising in DeFi and Web3 for the past 4 years. He was the first designer to join Augur and later went on to work at Dapper Labs. Before this he was doing the rounds in various advertising and design agencies across London.
Jonathan Snow headshot
Data Engineer
Before joining Origin, Jonathan worked with several crypto and finance brands, focusing on building data pipelines and automation tools. Prior to that, he helped build a company that provided social media user data to a number of startups and PR firms.
You headshot
We're hiring!
We are a distributed team with employees all over the world. We have a fast-paced bias-to-action culture and a really big vision for bringing crypto mainstream. Check out our open-positions on AngelList.

Équipe communautaire

Moisés Sosa headshot
Moisés Sosa
Kevin Lee headshot
Kevin Lee
Joseph Stewart headshot
Joseph Stewart
Erkan Ciftci headshot
Erkan Ciftci
Stefano Terenzi headshot
Stefano Terenzi
Zizen Chang headshot
Zizen Chang
Lee Gwangmyeong headshot
Lee Gwangmyeong

Des conseillers

Melody He headshot
Spartan Group
Paul Veradittakit headshot
Pantera Capital
Joey Krug headshot
Pantera Capital
Andrew Kang headshot
Mechanism Capital
Paris Hilton headshot
Paris Hilton
William Tong headshot
Lucky Ducky

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